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How To Sell My House Without Paying Closing or investor Fees

How To Sell Your House Without Closing Costs

In most cases, people who want to sell their house are responsible for closing costs, the term applied to numerous fees that are charged upon closure of a real estate transaction. These fees can significantly cut into the overall value of the sale, but in most cases, are unavoidable.

In some cases, closing costs might even force sellers to end up paying money to sell their house, if they don’t have much equity in their home to begin with. Fortunately, there IS a way to sell your house without having to pay closing costs.

Sellers in the Texas area who are “in-the-know” about this secret don’t have to pay fees and can close on their real estate quickly – cash in pocket.
Want to know what this secret is? If so, keep reading…

Typical Closing Costs

When selling a house in the typical fashion, sellers are expected to pay closing costs in order to allow the deal to move forward. Since it is a rare scenario when a typical buyer offers to pay these closing costs, don’t expect this to happen.

In most real estate transactions, sellers can expect to pay between 6% and 10% of the sales price in closing costs. This can amount to $10,000 in fees on a $100,000 house!

There are a number of closing costs that chip into a seller’s bottom line, and in some cases, turn a potential profit into an expense, including:

  • Loan Payoff Fees
  • Prorated Property Taxes
  • Recording Fees
  • Title Insurance
  • Attorney Fees
  • Liens and Judgments
  • Grantor Taxes

In some areas here in the Texas area, buyers will be inclined to ask sellers to pay for their closing costs as well. Those sellers who are struggling to find a way to pay for their own closing costs may end up in the precarious position of paying a buyer’s portion of the deal too. This is all before you factor in the Realtor commission fee, which is generally about 6% of the closing value.

Wondering if it’s even worth the time, effort, and money required to sell a house in today’s market?

It’s easy to see how seller closing costs can pile up, making homeowners hit the pause button on their real estate plans. But what if I told you there’s a way to sell your house as it is and put more money back in your pocket? While most people believe they’re stuck with these unavoidable fees, here’s the secret:

Homeowners in the Texas area can wave goodbye to Realtors and the fees that come with them. When you sell your house to us, you can pocket nearly as much as you would with a Realtor, all without the hassle and months of waiting for a buyer.



If this all sounds too good to be true, brace yourself, since there’s more…
Homeowners in the Texas area who work with us aren’t responsible for Realtor fees OR any of these other seller fees. We take care of everything, while ensuring a quick, professionally mediated real estate transaction that will allow you to get the most for your house, without having to worry about all the details.
If you’re a homeowner in the Texas area and are interested in selling your home fast, contact us today – and we will take care of the rest!
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