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How do I sell my vacant home

And get on with my life.

Did you know that there are over 15 million vacant houses in the United States? Though the reasons for these vacancies vary in the end, they are almost always a headache for all those involved and then you start looking for how to sell my vacant home?

So, are you tired of dealing with the problems that come with owning vacant properties?

Having a Vacant home can be a magnet for vandalism, attracting higher crime rates, trespassers, Vagrants and also plenty of unwanted attention that can bring down the neighborhood’s property values.

If that isn’t enough of a pain already, you will also have to deal with maintaining the home during the cold winter months.

If you live in an area that is severely affected by winter weather you will find yourself shelling out way too much cash for utilities or repairs to keep the house in good condition – or you will turn off utilities, make no repairs, and cross your fingers that nothing goes wrong. And get our get my cash offer, now. 

On Your House Today!

We Buy Houses for cash all over Central Texas. Please submit your details below and we will reach out to you within 24 hours with your fair cash offer.

It’s truly a turnkey model for every wholesaler trying to make more money and generate more deals flow.

To recap, Killeen House Investors offer:

  • A way to make MORE money off your existing deal flow by selling your deals to our list
  • A NO-LOSE proposition where you only pay us if we generate a higher price on your deal than you can get on your own
  • A full marketing and transaction coordination service where all you have to do is get a deal under contract and turn it over to us, and we take it all the way to settlement
  • An experienced mentor who has closed literally hundreds of deals to help and coach you to make you more effective in your business

Fill out the form below to submit your deal to us and start making more money and generating more deals than you ever have before! So if you are looking for where should I sell my house in Austin, tx, look no further we are here to buy your house at best prices.